There’s a lot to be said for the value of planning ahead. From retirement planning to home and car maintenance, we all benefit from planning in advance – including caring about our health.

If you are living with IPF, taking early action is important. With the appropriate treatment plan, it is possible to help reduce the scarring in the lungs, which may help slow the disease down. This can help you stay active longer and continue to enjoy the things in life most important to you. See why you should seek early treatment for IPF now.

When it comes to managing your IPF, timing matters.

1 Delay in Diagnosis

By the time IPF symptoms appear, the lungs have already been permanently damagedi. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (CPFF) shows that it takes an average of two years from the onset of symptoms for a patient to be diagnosedii. Therefore, taking early action is crucial.

The earlier treatments are used, the greater the possible impact they can have on the diseaseiii. Because treatments help reduce the scarring in the lungs, that may help slow the diseaseiv.

2Symptom management

As the disease progresses, symptoms such as cough and breathlessness may become worse, making it more difficult to perform even simple, everyday tasksi,v. Some people with IPF may also experience exacerbations, like sudden flare-ups, or worsening of their symptoms. These flare-ups can be extremely serious, may require hospitalization and can even be fatalvi.

Your doctor may recommend treatments to help you manage your symptoms, including oral corticosteroids and oxygenvi.

3Stay active longer

Early diagnosis and treatment helps reduce the scarring in the lungs, which may help slow down the disease, and may allow you to stay active longer with IPFvi. Being able to do the things you enjoy – whether that’s walking, golfing, gardening, or playing with your grandchildren – is vital for your quality of life as well as your mental and emotional healthvii.

Preserving your lung function, which may include pulmonary rehabilitation, needs to start early and it is important to maintain your activity levels for as long as possiblevi.

Don’t delay treatment. Take action now against your IPF.

Take a look at our personalized guide to help you think about your lifestyle and treatment goals, as well as key questions to ask your doctor about the right IPF management plan for you. It’s important to protect your lung function for as long as possible.

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